Mind's Eye Sports Performance

The Athlete's Mind - Untapped Potential: Mind’s Eye Sports Performance was created to give serious high school and collegiate athletes the opportunity to develop their mental game in the same way they work to develop their physical skills and abilities. Mind’s Eye believes that this is a vastly untapped resource for young athletes and seeks to give them tools to maximize their potential and experience success on and off the field.

Mind’s Eye Sports Performance assesses and develops 5 Mental Mechanics. These Mental Mechanics are fundamental behaviors and insights that form the mental foundation for athletic success (A.K.A. Mental Toughness). They are as important to an athlete’s success as the proper stance, the correct grip, a fluid swing, or a sound throwing motion.

Once an athlete is exposed to these Mental Mechanics they can (a) work to develop them to their full potential just like any other aspect of performance, and (b) utilize the new tools and techniques when they train and compete to add a critical dimension to their game. Mind's Eye Mental Mechanics provide athletes a huge, and largely untapped, resource for their continued development.

Building these mechanics not only improves performance, but also contributes significantly to an athlete’s overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the sports they play. Mental Mechanics are also infinitely transferable to life beyond ones playing days and can facilitate success in any endeavor.

Mental Mechanics






We are committed to developing the Complete Athlete .

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